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A new one billion dollar research on DNA and the brain

To write DN `s Karin Bojs: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/vetenskap/usa-storsatsar-pa-sina-hjarnor

 Last week was U.S. President Barack Obama’s big speech to the nation. There, he mentioned a huge new investment in brain research – on a par with expeditions to the moon in the 1960s, and the mapping of the human genome in the 1990s.

 Obama’s announcement comes just weeks after the EU also decided to have brain research as one of its two large “flagship” of the next decade. The European “Human Brain Project” conducted primarily from Switzerland but also by researchers at the Karolinska Institute. The budget is billions Euro over ten years and the aim is to simulate the function of the brain in a supercomputer.

 One of the projects that may be part of the new US billion venture is one that already exists and is called the Connectome. Several U.S. research groups involved, as well as a couple of groups in the UK and Italy. Connectome is based on the very latest technology to examine how the healthy human brain looks at rest – and especially how the different parts of the brain communicate with each other.

 – People are different. We want to examine to what extent differences in brain structure and function associated with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, says Van Wedeen, Professor of Radiology at Harvard University.     

His co-workers in St. Louis and Minnesota are now mapping the brain in 1200 healthy subjects, most of which are twins and their siblings.

Subjects were also their mental qualities tested by psychologists.

 It also analyzes their DNA. The aim is to examine how peoples mental qualities, their genes and brain structure are linked.

 In the sixties, the U.S. and the Soviet Union’s race to the moon, part of the Cold War. Now, our time had a similar contest – but brains struggle is more peaceful and secure at least equally beneficial to mankind.

 Then EU says that they have problems with the growing poverty and that there is a problem with the economy in many countries. The same thing in the U.S., the big country with the gigantic debt, they can also add how many billions anywhere on research and military.

Right now there is no stopping to the madness, it seems. It is now obviously much invested in research on our brain and our DNA. It is precisely DNA, Illuminati scientists want to map now and anytime they want to, also destroy or make reprogramming of it. They try every day affect our DNA by chemical substances in food, through environmental toxins and cellular radiation. For them, it is very important that we did not discover our inner abilities before they are completely destroyed, because in that case, we still have the ability to beat us free.

 In the book, “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything else is Illusion” by David Icke, is mentioned a few scientists from Russia who has done research on DNA and produced amazing discoveries. They write that man is at a point where we have been individuals for a long time and we are now in the new millennium when we would regain group consciousness, we would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth, and also possess the ability to heal itself. A humanity that developed a group consciousness of this kind would have neither environmental problems nor lack of energy.

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Now it is close

Axfood is launching yet another new Technology Idea close up to the the last, with mobile payment. This time the idea is to tie up all the customers who want to take part of the stores’ extraordinary prices, as everyone probably wants. According to the store, it is easier to relax his usual debit card to willys+ you get part of the deal.

But those who want to support the cash and always trying to pay with cash, will then be forced to scan their ID. Further ways are understood and that is to use the very latest methods of payment-to pay with mobile / iPhone.

All enlightened people know what’s around the corner and the arguments are recognized. “We just want to make it easier for you everyday life, you get more benefits, we give you discounts that fits into a complete dinner, and above all, you get more time to do other things.”

So sweet and nice of Axfood to protect us, right? Add also the brand new logo: Red Cross, which is a very strong symbol in the darker circles.



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Great success with natural weed control

A technique that counteracts the harmful insects and weeds has been developed by researchers in Kenya. The method is called push-pull and use odors to control insects and weeds where you want them. It is based on the use of plants whose scents scare off pests. Another plant is planted in the outskirts of cultures that attract pests and push those away from the valuable crops. Some chemical substances released by roots can also keep weeds away, which would otherwise destroy large areas of crops in East Africa.

This has been very successful for the small farmers who use this method. One farmer says that his return has multiplied, like with corn cultivation previously yielded 25 kg / year, and now instead gives 250 kg / year. It’s not just the yield that increases, but the earth becomes richer and biodiversity increases. In addition, they receive a lot of fodder for their animals which then gives more milk as they can give to the children and also sell. They use the so-called control plants as animal feed, so it becomes a win on all sides with the push-pull method.

But the method will probably not be used in Sweden, at least not on a large scale because there are many disadvantages per Richard Ignell at SLU Alnarp Sweden

.He says: There are high costs to develop the method and it takes a lot of research to get it up and running. Moreover, it costs to register certain components whether to use synthetic chemicals (?), so the whole thing can be a very expensive affair. For growers, it is a cost they have to set aside as well a portion of their land, to cultivate a control crop that does not give anything return (?).

Doesn´t it feels a little strange that SLU would rather prioritize GMO research instead of developing natural plant methods to increase yields and safeguard the earth’s nutrients. But as usual the research is not funded by those with the money because it is completely other interests that control.

Listen to the whole story here, some parts in English:  Sveriges radio, p1

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Genetic roulette

Now groves begin in earnest in Sweden. Here in Sweden are seed potatoes already grown as starch potato Amflora. It is a potato variety that contains a high content of starch used in the industry to include surface treatment of paper. But there are remnants over, that will go to animal feed, but apparently not in Sweden yet. Furthermore, it will start up new test plantations of these crops: thale cress, hybrid, corn, some kind of oil cabbage, potatoes, sugar beet and apple and pear basic tribe. Here is a table with all the data and all the cities are reported where crops will be tested.

Scientists have warned of a number of potential risks of GMO releases, some of which may be serious. When the GMOs with their altered genes well placed they can not be withdrawn. They can spread uncontrollably century after century, yes endlessly.

Write on this petition of Kristofferhell.net, who then passed on to politicians in parliament


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Very strange research??

The text below is taken from DN, science. I got a weird feeling when I read the whole thing. Fearlessness therefore classified as a disease to treat, so the person can get a “normal” life and avoid potential hazards. So it seems that someone / some want to pay this research therefore concluded that it is possible to create fear by using high concentration of carbon dioxide, even among those who were considered to be healthy. It bears thinking on.


American researchers have conducted a remarkable experiment. With the help of a gas, they have managed to scare the life out of three people who lack the ability to be afraid. The experiment shows that the brain can not handle fear as we previously thought.

 It’s not that she has not had reasons to be scared through the years, on the contrary. She grew up in a tough area where both drugs and other criminal activities were commonplace. She has been robbed both by knife and gun, threatened to death and nearly beaten to death in connection with domestic violence.In retrospect, she said that she was both angry, upset and sad – but never fear. Not in the slightest.

 What distinguishes SM from us other, more timid people is that, due to illness she have one-sided loss in the amygdala. It is a collection of neurons located deep in the brain’s temporal lobes, which have been associated with several of our most basic emotions, including fear.

 A couple of years ago did Justin Feinstein, neuro-psychologist and his colleagues at the University of Iowa in the United States try to to provoke SM to be afraid. It went so-so.

 The first thing the researchers did was to take her to a pet store, as SM had previously said that she tries to avoid reptiles. She was confronted with both snakes and hairy spiders, but to the researchers disappointment, she was not the least bit afraid. She held them in her hands, patted them and asked curious questions.

 The tour was a visit to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium – during Halloween. It is an old hospital allegedly one of the most haunted places in the United States. During Halloween they make an actor dressed as monsters, evocative music and other props all to get the visitors to jump out of his shoes. SM went along with five of her unknown persons, but came out laughing with the terrified companions in tow. Then was various types of movie clips tested, usually foolproof method to induce fear in the volunteers. But no! SM did not feel the slightest discomfort.

 Now, however, the same researchers managed to scare the life out of her and two other people suffering from the same disease. Not by ghosts, but by a gas. The subjects were breathing a gas with 35 percent carbon dioxide. For the first time since early childhood was SM scared. She panicked and thought she would die. The same thing happened with the other two. Afterwards did SM describe the event as the worst she had experienced. Additionally, she was surprised, because the feeling was so new. Among the twelve healthy subjects also received inhale the gas, only three reacted in the same manner.

 The researchers, who published their findings in Nature Neuroscience, speculated that the brain has two different ways to produce fear. A system that responds to external stimuli and that passes through the amygdala, and which in certain circumstances can be triggered in time inside the body of carbon dioxide.

 The case SM also shows the point of being scared, the researchers write. She has never been convicted of any crime. However, her handicap easily made her a victim. Since she did not get scared, she lacks the ability to pre-“sense” the environment and to detect potential hazards.

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Peak oil, is it?

What is it about peak oil and how is it formed in the ground? Is it likely that all oil comes from dead dinosaurs that have become fossils? Many people begin to realize that we are greatly deceived by the state, when we are told that oil runs out and we have to raise prices even more. Watch this video with Colonel Fletcher Prouty, the film is only eight minutes long, there’s a very good explanation of how it really is and how it still continues today. Here he tells us that oil is not a “fossil fuel” that comes from dead dinosaurs and therefore in danger of running out (and therefore have to be expensive). Oil is a natural resource that is created by geological processes deep in the earth’s crust, which quickly fill the oil reservoirs previously thought empty.

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Finally, stevia is allowed in food! That was just about what I thought, when EU allowed steviolglykosiden with E number 960th. The actual plant Stevia is still prohibited as food. The reason of the NFA is that there is evidence that it is completely safe for human consumption. But aspartame and azo colors go well plus a few hundred more?

Stevia is a plant originally from South America and has been used by indigenous people for thousands of years. In Latin, the name of the Stevia rebaudiana L, hence, Coca Cola got its name for its product Rebiana. It has also been used as a cure for diabetes type 2, it is said, to stimulate the production of insulin. If you use the plant in its origin, it is about 30 times sweeter than sugar, but steviolglykosiden is up to 300 times sweeter. In Japan, it has been used since the 70’s and there are also several companies producing steviolglykosid.

It’s fine to grow stevia yourself, there are seeds to buy or buy a plant in the summer at any garden shop. Though according NFA, you are not allowed to eat it. The taste is very similar to common sweetener and maybe a little bitter, but works great to use in place of sugar or anything with sugar. When you have stevia in powder form when you want to bake for example, a chocolate cake, it is possible therefore to reduce the sugar by about three quarters and then take a pinch of stevia. The sugar is needed for texture and taste carrier.

But the question remains whether steviolglykosid only is a new sweetener that is approved or if it really is harmless or even can be useful. Since Coca Cola along with giant Cargill has spent enormous sums on extracting extract Rebiana-which is another name for steviolglykosid, so it does not feel that it is particularly useful, but probably more damaging.

But as with aspartame it might turn up after many years.

But I still recommend using stevia which are classified as cosmetic, it can not be otherwise on the bottle. Or grow and dry yourself.


Source: http://www.slv.se/sv/Fragor-svar/Fragor-och-svar/Tillsatser-/Stevia-och-steviolglykosider/


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Is the sun dying?

Obtaining accurate and relevant information from the authorities who should give us the truth, it’ll never happen. So the question is who in the world we can trust?

I have just read and listened to Eric Dollard who worked successful in rediscovering Tesla’s core business, but he now lives in the desert. He is a man we really can trust, I hope, because he is outside the system.

I rekomended to visit is site: ericdollard.com

This text is from the site: The watchers –

Eric Dollard is the only man known to be able to accurately reproduce many of Tesla’s experiments with Radiant Energy and wireless transmission of power. He is able to do this because he understands that conventional electrical theory only includes half of the story.

Nikola Tesla single-handedly gave us the technology that has created our entire power grid and communications systems. As the pinnacle of the evolution of the Victorian scientists Tesla aspired to create a system that would light up the entire world without wires. In the end a combination of his own wreck less decisions and the agenda of the moneyed elite brought upon his downfall and banishment. Undaunted by this, Eric set out to recreate all of Tesla’s technology and to design a system of self powering, faster than light and lossless communication.

Eric was successful in rediscovering Tesla’s core work, yet he is now living out in the desert.

He has done over 4 years of research on the Sun at Sonoma State University before his lab was taken from him. Here he reveals astonishing truths about the Sun never before heard in such frank and straight speak.

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The Assassination of Olof Palme

Ole Dammegard has written an incredible, exciting and interesting book about the assassination of Olof Palme. It shows how Sweden has looked like before and how it is controlled today. The book contains both national and international events and details that led up to the murder. There is much about the Bofors deal, freemasonic and the CIA and other shady activities that have occurred and are still available today.
It is free to download and is important to spread as much as possible. If you have an iPad then download it in GoodReader.
Please visit Ole Dammegårds homesite: http://www.oledammegard.com/index.html
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“Fracking” and again in Sweden

There is a frightening development in mineral extraction in Sweden and in other countries, and shale gas is one of the new products. Shale gas is extracted through a method known as “fracking” This is a description of how it works:

 1 Natural gas is bound in layers of dark slate. To get it up to the surface drilled vertical and horizontal holes of up to two and a half kilometres deep. Basic water pools on the road protected by borehole dressed in triple steel casings.

2 A mixture of sand, water and chemicals are pressed under high pressure into the well bore. Injections breaking the shale layers and release the gas. Chemicals represent about 1 percent of the mixture and can be including methanol, naphthalene, benzene, lead and hydrochloric acid.

3 The liquid is pumped back out of the source. The sand remains and keeps the cracks open. The gas may be pumped up. An average gas well is using an amount of water equivalent to 500 tankers. A source can provide thousands of cubic meters of gas every day for over 20 years.


Here in Sweden, it is a company called Gripen Gas AB, http://www.gripengas.com/sv who is leading the exploration / investigation. In the current situation, they have been licensed in a total of 13 places in Östergötland and Öland. In its environmental information so they say they do not plan to have to add chemicals and that they are careful environmental management. It sounds good, but if you have ever been able to trust companies producing energy for their own gain?


In the U.S., it has been going on for a long time and environmental consequences are terrible. Many have seen the large areas in the United States and also in Australia that has been completely destroyed. But still it says Swedish government in its new mineral strategyhttp://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/17076/a/209657  have a possibility to restore the environment? It is up to the companies that want to start with a mineral extraction should state how they plan a recovery after the operation has ended. Fixed in the next section that highlights the advantage of old mine shafts as a major attraction for residents and planned tourism (?).


So here it is in the section on sustainable mineral use:

Emissions are generally low and the environment is measured and managed.

Mining areas are restored or after treatment so that new natural or cultural values ​​arise after the operations have ceased. Sustainable development should be business-driven, but the government encourages companies to comply with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the UN Global Compact.


But as usual, you will cross the river for water for new energy sources. The free energy is in front of your nose. All that is required is that enough of a joint action demonstrates the free energy, into action. The question is how to do it?





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Stop tormenting all students with a lot of math!

This feels really fresh and innovative. This is exactly how I have felt for math yet so will focus been put on increasing math skills using a variety of expensive measures. But that’s because it activates the part of consciousness that prevents imagination and aesthetic thinking. The main task of the school is to reshape unidirectional individuals who only get to know what the system is determined and the most important is the heavier subjects as math, history, science, etc. The subjects that will be given less and less time is music, art and crafts.

The text below is from an article in Svenska Dagbladet, which is now also a chat that has been with Stellan:

A large number of representatives of business and education have attacked the Swedish students’ poor math skills. These skills seem to decline from year to year. I know from colleagues at the technical and scientific studies that lack of mathematical knowledge is a problem. We need more scientists and engineers in Sweden.

So far, are the debaters right. Unfortunately, like most who want to improve mathematics instruction missed a very important detail. Students have seen through the myth of the importance of mathematics. The truth is that if you should not engage in mathematics heavy research and development, you will get away with very little mathematics in modern life.

How far can I drive on 25 litres of petrol if the car pulls 0.4 litres per mil? It does not need any math skills to find this out. Turn the ignition key, start the engine and let the built-in trip computer tell the outcome for you. Not being able to read and understand different languages ​​is a far greater handicap in daily life than not to have such great knowledge of mathematics. Many students find mathematics difficult and tedious. Not surprising since most do not use their skills outside of school.

Stop tormenting all students with a lot of math! Instead, see that those who think it’s fun and exciting can immerse themselves. Some think that the mathematics is the most exciting but most are beginning to mathematics interest in science. Invest more exciting science than to GO ON mathematics with uninterested students.


Professor Biotechnology, Culture and Society, Linköping University

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European one billion investment in new antibiotics

EU wants to invest BILLIONS of developing new antibacterial drugs now. Once again, this enormous waste of OUR money. The reason now for this bet, is that there have been major problems with resistant bacteria that survive antibiotics. But instead of further research in that area, they could instead adopt the use of colloidal silver. It has been shown in various studies that colloidal silver kill even the multi-resistant Staphylococcal which nothing else is biting on.

Colloidal silver is silver in ionic form and has always existed in our environment and food of all times such as amalgam consisting of about 35% silver. Silver has the last years been exposed to massive negative publicity. It has been very popular in the media to talk about how silver is dangerous for the environment and how it contributes to the growth of resistant bacteria, etc. But nothing could be more wrong than that, it also has silver volume decreased in the environment after it nearly ended in inducing photos using silver nitrate.

Colloidal silver helps the body as an extra immune system and also keeps away candida and reduces the risk of infections. Best is of course to help the body with the right foods and pH balance, but sometimes we need a little more, and that is when silver fit very well into the picture. It is important to have some at home for any wounds and internal infections. It is also very effective against perspiration odors, just spray it on your clothes.

Here’s a good instruction, http://www.silvervatten.se/produktion.html on how to easily produce your own silver water. I myself have done it in a few years with very good results. However, I want to firmly advise to buy distilled water at the pharmacy for internal use.


Source: http://smi.se/nyhetsarkiv/2013/europeisk-miljardsatsning-pa-nya-antibiotika–/

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Time to start the HPV campaign

German Federal State of Saxony recommended that all boys be vaccinated against HPV just like girls do today. As mentioned there are several reasons for this, among other things that the boys will not spread it to the girls (?), one gets a better idea of ​​the spread and then it is said to protect against other rare cancers, such as oral cancer and penile cancer.

Joakim Dillner, a professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute, welcomes this decision and hope that Sweden can accelerate to carry out this well. Boys are already included in the vaccination program in the United States, Canada and Australia.

According Agneta Holmström on Welfare, they will look at it, but she stresses that it may be some time before boys will be included in children’s vaccine program.

– There are many vaccines that are knocking on the door. Some want us to look at the chickenpox vaccine, some of rotavirus and HPV vaccines for boys. There is a constant stream of vaccines, where we have to make a judgment, she says.

Source: Aftonbladet



8 out of 10 girls have been vaccinated against the HPV virus, unfortunately. It’s a little different depending on how the vaccinations began. Here in Sörmland we are a little better right now. It is only about half vaccinated, but this began to go to the clinic for the vaccination. But now it is given in all schools. So there is time for counteraction. I have already put up signs on bulletin boards and taped pieces on the lids to bins. I encourage everyone to start your own campaign, because we really need to curb this. For each new alert man so spread it to 10 to. It is best to do both A4 and A5 / A6 format, the text can be used are as follows:



against cervical cancer

The vaccine is not fully tested and has caused deaths and serious illnesses. In all probability, it can lead to infertility. Find more info on the Internet.

From involved parents

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Hen was launched in parliament

Here are excerpts from an article in Svenska Dagbladet:

 New Equality Minister Mary Arnholm (FP) has introduced the words hen at the parliamentary chamber. “Very practical” and “smart,” she says of the disputed pronoun.

 Yesterday was Mary Arnholm accountable by MP Raimo Pärssinen (S) in an interpellation debate. He wanted to know what the government intends to do so more newcomers will be able to adult education.

 – The goal is for each individual to get the support hen (he/she) need to move as quickly as possible to learn Swedish, find work and manage their own security, said the newly equality minister.

It is the first time that the gender-neutral word hen used by a minister in the chamber. – I read an answer that said “he or she”, and I’ve always, throughout my life, found it impractical and difficult to say it, so then I said just “hen” instead, says Maria Arnholm.

 What was your reaction?

 – No special, actually. I could see that the one I debated with smiled a bit and noted that, says Liberal stone Maria Arnholm.

 In what situations fit the word hen?

 – I rather say hen instead of he or she, because it flows better and easier, says Maria Arnholm, who has used the controversial word once or twice before.

   According to Maria Arnholm is the criticism of hen unfair.

 – There is a misconception that one would use hen because there should be no differences between men and women, but everyone should be a neuter.

The Language Council list of new words for 2012 includes the verb henifiera with. It means to replace her and he to hen.

So now the chicken was launched and soon it will appear in newspapers, documents and news. As I wrote about earlier, it’s very dark forces that want to implement this change of word NOW. Read more on my site här.