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The purpose of my website is to disseminate information about what is happening in the community behind the media reports. Our society is based on many lies that have been delivered to us by the controlled mass media. I try to critically examine what daily is around us and what we can read in our newspapers.

After my appearance in media about chemtrails autumn 2012, have the focus been on spread of chemtrails in the world. It is also a very important issue to raise and try to get a stop on this. But it also seems to be the hardest thing to get people to be aware of. That people think it looks completely natural is safe for the propaganda that we are exposed to in different places. There are chemtrails in the scenery, on billboards and in children’s programs / movies. When one also says that the sky looks strange, that is explained away as condensed and is quite common.

The difficulty with chemtrail is to explain what it is and why it exists. You can´t for example not tell everybody that chemtrail is there to poisoning people and animals, because some sick power leaders think we are too many people on the planet. Nor is it possible to say that chemtrails are for us to become chronically ill and sterile so we have to have expensive medications for life, and also let the state decide if I should have a baby and what baby I will get.

It also appears that the spread seems very different across Europe. The country seems to have by far the most sprays is Greece. Could it be because they do not agree with the EU and it has been very bad economy? There is some evidence that, for the same phenomenon has been found in Spain, where some districts have had a lot more than others because of some inconveniences. But it is of course only a speculation and part of an explanation.

I have no job, so I take the opportunity to do this now and hope that it will spread and that I can get some donations. It would lead me to do some more research and be able to go to some meetings to influence more. Right now I have no economy to any of it. Green Party as I am in, support none of this work, but would rather that I did not run this chemtrail question at all.

I also try to persue the question and get politicians / people aware of this school system and that the countryside will be depopulated because of this. It is a great urbanization underway in Sweden and in other countries.  You can see it is not always so clear, but it’s there. But Sweden is going with full blast. It is not always that clear, but it’s there. Bus tours deteriorates, schools closed down, childcare etc. deteriorate. People move from small communities, and left is the elderly, which politicians appalled because they are left with only expenses, and the money run out…

But if we can only become aware of the seriousness in this social structure, it has to come to an end, we are many and should work together. If we can muster the energy together, we can all bring about a change.


2 comments on “About me

  1. Pernilla I don’t think it is true that the spraying is worst in Europe in Greece. On the contrary I think the situation is far worse in northern European countries than it is in Greece. There is very little spraying in Greece in summertime. One speculation I have heard about this is that chemtrailing is carried out when there is moisture in the air and there is no moisture in the air in Greece in summertime.

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