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Stop tormenting all students with a lot of math!

This feels really fresh and innovative. This is exactly how I have felt for math yet so will focus been put on increasing math skills using a variety of expensive measures. But that’s because it activates the part of consciousness that prevents imagination and aesthetic thinking. The main task of the school is to reshape unidirectional individuals who only get to know what the system is determined and the most important is the heavier subjects as math, history, science, etc. The subjects that will be given less and less time is music, art and crafts.

The text below is from an article in Svenska Dagbladet, which is now also a chat that has been with Stellan:

A large number of representatives of business and education have attacked the Swedish students’ poor math skills. These skills seem to decline from year to year. I know from colleagues at the technical and scientific studies that lack of mathematical knowledge is a problem. We need more scientists and engineers in Sweden.

So far, are the debaters right. Unfortunately, like most who want to improve mathematics instruction missed a very important detail. Students have seen through the myth of the importance of mathematics. The truth is that if you should not engage in mathematics heavy research and development, you will get away with very little mathematics in modern life.

How far can I drive on 25 litres of petrol if the car pulls 0.4 litres per mil? It does not need any math skills to find this out. Turn the ignition key, start the engine and let the built-in trip computer tell the outcome for you. Not being able to read and understand different languages ​​is a far greater handicap in daily life than not to have such great knowledge of mathematics. Many students find mathematics difficult and tedious. Not surprising since most do not use their skills outside of school.

Stop tormenting all students with a lot of math! Instead, see that those who think it’s fun and exciting can immerse themselves. Some think that the mathematics is the most exciting but most are beginning to mathematics interest in science. Invest more exciting science than to GO ON mathematics with uninterested students.


Professor Biotechnology, Culture and Society, Linköping University


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