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“Fracking” and again in Sweden

There is a frightening development in mineral extraction in Sweden and in other countries, and shale gas is one of the new products. Shale gas is extracted through a method known as “fracking” This is a description of how it works:

 1 Natural gas is bound in layers of dark slate. To get it up to the surface drilled vertical and horizontal holes of up to two and a half kilometres deep. Basic water pools on the road protected by borehole dressed in triple steel casings.

2 A mixture of sand, water and chemicals are pressed under high pressure into the well bore. Injections breaking the shale layers and release the gas. Chemicals represent about 1 percent of the mixture and can be including methanol, naphthalene, benzene, lead and hydrochloric acid.

3 The liquid is pumped back out of the source. The sand remains and keeps the cracks open. The gas may be pumped up. An average gas well is using an amount of water equivalent to 500 tankers. A source can provide thousands of cubic meters of gas every day for over 20 years.


Here in Sweden, it is a company called Gripen Gas AB, http://www.gripengas.com/sv who is leading the exploration / investigation. In the current situation, they have been licensed in a total of 13 places in Östergötland and Öland. In its environmental information so they say they do not plan to have to add chemicals and that they are careful environmental management. It sounds good, but if you have ever been able to trust companies producing energy for their own gain?


In the U.S., it has been going on for a long time and environmental consequences are terrible. Many have seen the large areas in the United States and also in Australia that has been completely destroyed. But still it says Swedish government in its new mineral strategyhttp://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/17076/a/209657  have a possibility to restore the environment? It is up to the companies that want to start with a mineral extraction should state how they plan a recovery after the operation has ended. Fixed in the next section that highlights the advantage of old mine shafts as a major attraction for residents and planned tourism (?).


So here it is in the section on sustainable mineral use:

Emissions are generally low and the environment is measured and managed.

Mining areas are restored or after treatment so that new natural or cultural values ​​arise after the operations have ceased. Sustainable development should be business-driven, but the government encourages companies to comply with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the UN Global Compact.


But as usual, you will cross the river for water for new energy sources. The free energy is in front of your nose. All that is required is that enough of a joint action demonstrates the free energy, into action. The question is how to do it?






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