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European one billion investment in new antibiotics

EU wants to invest BILLIONS of developing new antibacterial drugs now. Once again, this enormous waste of OUR money. The reason now for this bet, is that there have been major problems with resistant bacteria that survive antibiotics. But instead of further research in that area, they could instead adopt the use of colloidal silver. It has been shown in various studies that colloidal silver kill even the multi-resistant Staphylococcal which nothing else is biting on.

Colloidal silver is silver in ionic form and has always existed in our environment and food of all times such as amalgam consisting of about 35% silver. Silver has the last years been exposed to massive negative publicity. It has been very popular in the media to talk about how silver is dangerous for the environment and how it contributes to the growth of resistant bacteria, etc. But nothing could be more wrong than that, it also has silver volume decreased in the environment after it nearly ended in inducing photos using silver nitrate.

Colloidal silver helps the body as an extra immune system and also keeps away candida and reduces the risk of infections. Best is of course to help the body with the right foods and pH balance, but sometimes we need a little more, and that is when silver fit very well into the picture. It is important to have some at home for any wounds and internal infections. It is also very effective against perspiration odors, just spray it on your clothes.

Here’s a good instruction, http://www.silvervatten.se/produktion.html on how to easily produce your own silver water. I myself have done it in a few years with very good results. However, I want to firmly advise to buy distilled water at the pharmacy for internal use.




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