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Now it is close

Axfood is launching yet another new Technology Idea close up to the the last, with mobile payment. This time the idea is to tie up all the customers who want to take part of the stores’ extraordinary prices, as everyone probably wants. According to the store, it is easier to relax his usual debit card to willys+ you get part of the deal.

But those who want to support the cash and always trying to pay with cash, will then be forced to scan their ID. Further ways are understood and that is to use the very latest methods of payment-to pay with mobile / iPhone.

All enlightened people know what’s around the corner and the arguments are recognized. “We just want to make it easier for you everyday life, you get more benefits, we give you discounts that fits into a complete dinner, and above all, you get more time to do other things.”

So sweet and nice of Axfood to protect us, right? Add also the brand new logo: Red Cross, which is a very strong symbol in the darker circles.




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