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Hen was launched in parliament

Here are excerpts from an article in Svenska Dagbladet:

 New Equality Minister Mary Arnholm (FP) has introduced the words hen at the parliamentary chamber. “Very practical” and “smart,” she says of the disputed pronoun.

 Yesterday was Mary Arnholm accountable by MP Raimo Pärssinen (S) in an interpellation debate. He wanted to know what the government intends to do so more newcomers will be able to adult education.

 – The goal is for each individual to get the support hen (he/she) need to move as quickly as possible to learn Swedish, find work and manage their own security, said the newly equality minister.

It is the first time that the gender-neutral word hen used by a minister in the chamber. – I read an answer that said “he or she”, and I’ve always, throughout my life, found it impractical and difficult to say it, so then I said just “hen” instead, says Maria Arnholm.

 What was your reaction?

 – No special, actually. I could see that the one I debated with smiled a bit and noted that, says Liberal stone Maria Arnholm.

 In what situations fit the word hen?

 – I rather say hen instead of he or she, because it flows better and easier, says Maria Arnholm, who has used the controversial word once or twice before.

   According to Maria Arnholm is the criticism of hen unfair.

 – There is a misconception that one would use hen because there should be no differences between men and women, but everyone should be a neuter.

The Language Council list of new words for 2012 includes the verb henifiera with. It means to replace her and he to hen.

So now the chicken was launched and soon it will appear in newspapers, documents and news. As I wrote about earlier, it’s very dark forces that want to implement this change of word NOW. Read more on my site här.


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