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Three out of ten farmers vulnerable to crime

In the Svenska Dagbladet today you can read the following:

3 of 10 farmers have been victims of crime according to a survey Farmers national organization has done.

– Until two years ago, we never locked the door of the tractor. Now we lock everything all the time, says Kristian Svensson, farmers in Upland, to SVT.

 Most common are thefts of machinery, equipment, and diesel thefts.

 – We have reported to the police a number of thefts here, but there has never been a police officer here, says Kristian Svensson.

It all feels very familiar. The countryside has always been as protected and calm, so what is the point here? It creates a problem for a much greater purpose that we can not see right now today. But that might be quite clear in the future, say 2-3 years. Just as this was done, for example, to remove cash management in public transport, which still is very difficult for many people here. Here in Sörmland, have the new timetable for example, deteriorated with serious delays because of many card payments that take time, and that space is not in the timetable. It may be these repeated delays to connecting trains / bus that finally makes you  move to town instead.

It seems the thefts in rural areas increases and that seems to be in line with other measures to increase urbanization and reduction in agriculture in Sweden. There are many examples how to do this. Among other things, the wind powers, creating serious health problems among those who happen to live nearby, rural schools are forced to close and deteriorating public services. Mining also appears to increase in many parts of Sweden, although it usually becomes much resistance among the local population, such as the Vättern and the association Rädda Vättern.

We need to begin to see how we unconsciously driven into some new social structures.


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