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Unusual respiratory infections

It is reported from hospitals around the country that there is overcrowding in ER/emergency room.  One likely reason is probably the increased amount of respiratory infections. It can certainly also be a direct result of the increased chemtrail spread, and the flu vaccine have probably helped to increase the infections as well. In the chemtrail it seems possible to mix in the mix that is best suited for the purpose. The spread of the RSV virus can survive at least half a day on hard surfaces. This is available on the Disease Institute website:

It is circulating right now unusually high flu, and other viruses that cause respiratory infections. Meanwhile, a record number of cases of RSV are reported.

For week number five was reported a continued increase in the three circulating flu’s, seasonal flu, A and B and swine flu, A (H1N1) pdm09, and RSV for Disease Control.


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