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Genetic roulette

Now groves begin in earnest in Sweden. Here in Sweden are seed potatoes already grown as starch potato Amflora. It is a potato variety that contains a high content of starch used in the industry to include surface treatment of paper. But there are remnants over, that will go to animal feed, but apparently not in Sweden yet. Furthermore, it will start up new test plantations of these crops: thale cress, hybrid, corn, some kind of oil cabbage, potatoes, sugar beet and apple and pear basic tribe. Here is a table with all the data and all the cities are reported where crops will be tested.

Scientists have warned of a number of potential risks of GMO releases, some of which may be serious. When the GMOs with their altered genes well placed they can not be withdrawn. They can spread uncontrollably century after century, yes endlessly.

Write on this petition of Kristofferhell.net, who then passed on to politicians in parliament



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