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Extended follow-up of vaccination

Infectious Diseases Institute participates in a cooperative monitoring of vaccination, using informationssytemet Svevac. The goal is to develop a national immunization registry in collaboration with health care providers and MPA.

Here is a small excerpt of the information provided by vaccination:

 The Act on the register of national immunization

Under a special law is the caregiver responsible for reporting vaccinations to

Infectious Disease Control (SMI). The vaccinations recorded in Vaccination Registry, which is a so called health data registers. In addition to this, is only children of vaccinations reporting obligation. SMI is responsible for the processing of personal data by regulations.

 In the register, the date of vaccination, the vaccinated person or coordination number, name of the vaccine and batch number, the care provider’s name, and the vaccinated registered residence recorded. SMI can be in the collection of data search all data recorded.

 Only completed vaccinations from January 1, 2013 onwards will be in the register. The recorded data will remain in the registry for a long time to enable monitoring for longer periods of time. It is archives legislation that is ultimately responsible for the preservation of public documents of government agencies that control how long recorded data is preserved.

Here at News Voice, you can sign a petition against forced vaccination in Sweden.



Infectious Disease: http://smi.se/


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