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Time to store the bulbs

No lightbulbs are produced anymore, but those that are still sold, are those in stock. This is a decision from the EU, so now only those that are health disruptive like mercury lamps and LED lamps will be on the market. Bulbs are according to EU energy-intensive and will thus save on carbon emissions (sigh).

Mercury / CFLs (low-energy-lamp) are most known to be hazardous in case of breakage, but most people do not know the dangers of radiation from them. Swiss Foundation ITIS warns of the strong radiation and announces that you should not stay closer than 30 cm from it. This means that you should not have it at the desk or bedside lamp. Moreover, it takes about 4 minutes before the lights are at full power, often with a light beeping sound?

LEDs ought to be a better option then, they are free of lead and mercury and can have a life of up to 20 years, say researchers. But they are just as dangerous to our health as other CFLs. This is because they create a high magnetic field around them. You can not see which LED bulb on the outside. By switching from CFL to LED bulb saves mercury and escape the radiofrequency radiation from CFLs fluorescent, but it does not guarantee a better electrical environment. What really is a low-radiation option is the regular incandescent lamp.

There are also alternative studies that show how the monitoring and remote control can be operated by means of these so-called new energy bulbs. It does not seem entirely unreasonable given motif. To phase out incandescent bulbs because of carbon consumption, and then get us to buy harmful light sources instead.

I can`t fin any good sourses in english so I just publish this in Swedish: http://www.vagbrytarenstockholm.se/teknik/led-lampor/index.htm




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