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Mental evaluation can become law before a driving license

In an article in the newspaper PÅ VÄG/GOING was following read:

People with mental health problems are more often involved in road accidents than others.

The introduction of compulsory medical examination when applying for a driver’s license can reduce the problems of mentally unstable drivers. That according to new research published recently.

 Behind the study are Anna-Lena Andersson, who is an MD and works as a social worker at UddevallaHospital.

–          Drivers should not be deprived of their responsibilities. But interference and causing traffic accidents among people with high psychosocial stress may be associated with cognitive and normative shortcomings and inability of the drivers. In addition, they may have difficulties to see the consequences of both driving behavior and lifestyle, she says.

Between June 2006 and July 2009 were 82 injured people who were admitted at UddevallaHospital interviewed. Then, a summary assessment of psychological and social stability was done. In the assessment of mental stability, were current and previous mental health problems, life stress, suicidal, substance abuse, and risk appetite taken into account.

In the assessment of social stability, were current and previous education, livelihood, economy, housing, relationships, hobbies and past criminality taken into account.


The summary of the study showed that drivers classified with a lower mental stability to a greater extent occur in single-vehicle accidents than those classified as mentally stable.

–          Psychosocial stress in adulthood may be due to neuropsychiatric disorders and problems during early childhood and adolescence. Psychiatric diagnoses, substance abuse and crime is more common among people with neuropsychiatric disabilities, such as ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s syndrome, autism and Tourette’s syndrome than in others, says Anna-Lena Andersson, who conducted the study with Olle Bunketorp, consultant and associate professor at the Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University.

Introducing medical certificate instead of health declaration when applying for a learner’s permit can be a way to overcome the problem.


This will probably soon become a reality as part of more control of the citizens. It feels like enough chipped driver’s license / passport and speed cameras that take pictures all the time. Psychological disorders can be easily arranged to Mind Control if necessary. It is not safe to get a driver’s license even if you pass all the other tests.


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