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Beijing and large parts of China have been hit by record smog. It is so serious that you can not go outdoors without a face mask, and indoors, it takes powerful air purifier. Many companies encourage their employees not to bring their families because children can not live outdoors and their lungs can cause severe damage. This problem shakes China’s upward economy because it is so noticeable when large companies do not want to invest in the development of competent personnel when health is so bad.

So what I am thinking about is how can it be so extremely bad air that people get asthma, coal and other breathing problems, just like here?

China has not approved chemtrail in the sky, at least not before, according to the information I have received. But as we know, things can change after different pressures. So right now it seems that something has changed and along with the increased traffic. There are many cities in other places that have problems with smog, but it seems that they are not near China’s problems. Otherwise, they measure just in different ways.

Why isn´t the increase of COPD noticed in Sweden? It should of course be linked to air quality and not only to smoking. I have some of my acquaintance who smoked 40 years ago and now has COPD. But doctors say that it depends solely on smoking and what the doctors say is law …


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