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Pharmacies want to perform vaccinations

Swedish pharmacy association wants the pharmacies in Sweden to take greater hold over health care and public health. They have recently released their first writing that they call the White Paper. It describes how to relieve the health centers by performing vaccinations, take blood pressure and give advice on allergies. Some pharmacies already have the operation going today and it works so well that they now want to develop it further into a more comprehensive health care part, it means that they also require compensation from the state to cover the costs, as they take over a part of the job from the councils.

 They call it “relieve primary care to improve public health.” But does it really get better overall healthwise when you get both to test your values, get advice and be able to purchase the recommended medications at the same place. If you look a little closer at what they give for advice, then public health guaranteed continue to deteriorate at a furious pace.

 The text will also be the subject of an aging population that requires medication and healthcare burden. Here is a portion of the text:
“Thanks to a positive economic, social, and medical development, we live longer.
An aging population also places greater demands on social services such as healthcare,
care and medications. A report from the Karolinska Institutet School of Public Health
developed on behalf of the Stockholm County Council shows that a consequence
of an aging population are more cases of disease.
The report shows that the number
cases of heart attacks will increase by 85 percent for men and 103 percent
for women by 2050. If people just grow without
age structure is changed, that would mean increase in the number of cases of myocardial infarction to
be 13 percent for men and 42 percent for women instead, that is considerably less.
An increased need for care and medications combined with a
increasing proportion of the population who are not of working age – meaning
reduced tax revenues, means that society must find new solutions to
create long-term sustainability of the country’s welfare system. It is society
all parts, the public, business and civil society.”
But the question is if it automatically will require a lot of medication just because a person gets older. This is a symptom found in the western world and not at all in older cultures and among so-called primitive people. That one gets sick and may need a tablet / medicine sometime, it’s ok. But having to take blood pressure medication, insulin, lipitor (cholesterol lowering), cortisone, and medicine for coal, gout, arthritis and many other diseases, it is absolutely not ok. So it feels like the MPA have thought this through carefully when they think that pharmacists should help them in the task of selling more pills to the population. I doubt anyone would go there with a complaint, ask for advice and then going home to try homeremedies instead. I think many would nicely buy the products recommended instead.

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