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Gmo in school meals

In many municipalities, have they started with a vegetarian day once a week. This also include Katrineholm and Vingåker. I really tried in every way to stop it through the political route, but could not, of course. I have absolutely nothing against vegetables, but think it’s very good as an accessory instead of carbohydrates.
To Introduce a meatless day is just one way to play the multinational foodcompanies straight in their hands. If you completely remove the animal portion of the diet one day a week it becomes for many replaced by just carbohydrates and then maintained and exacerbated disease and obesity.
I’ve gone through the menus and it’s not particularly uplifting. What’s also very scary, protein replacement. When the municipal nutrition plan was circulated for comment, so I demanded that it should say that  soy and quorn products would not replace meat as a protein source. But they do not care, because it goes by a different agenda. Dietary manager also says that it’s really important to have another source of protein in the meal. So soya and quorn will occur because it contains very full of protein.
Soy contains phytoestrogens and is 99% GMO, which of course no one should eat. But as a chef said: We serve nothing that is not classified as food! One wonders if they did not want to know what they use to produce. Quorn is a completely artificial product made in factories of mold PTA 2684th
Kellogg and Sodexo, two multinational giant companies, conduct the business of “Meat Free Monday” in the United States.

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