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Vaccine Side Effects in animals



Diabetes in cats has doubled in the last ten years, so something has really changed. The question is whether it is a combination of the two evils, carbohydrates, and vaccines.

Cereal grains are cheaper than meat so therefore increase the amount of carbohydrates in animal feed. Carbohydrates are sugars and a little indigestible fibers. Too much sugar thus leads to diabetes. There are other cheap crops that are increasingly common in animal feed and in normal food. It is corn and soy, and they are 99% genetically modified and thus poisoned. They carry surely some of the blame to developing diabetes. Imagine if all the cats and other animals were allowed to eat what nature decided once.

Vaccination of all pets wear probably also the blame to precicely diabetes. In addition, animals should be vaccinated every year or every other year and it helps then to create a constant high inflammation in the body. One of the most common complaints of a dog and which is also a very common side effect of the vaccine, the ear problems. Over a period of a year ago, I got to sit for a part in the waiting room at the vet. In all those times, it was at least four dogs at a time who sought care for ear problems, and some were left to flush the ears. I did not know what it could be due to, otherwise I would have had a good opportunity to demonstrate the fault of the owners. Veterinarians know for sure, just like the doctors what sideeffects it could be of the vaccine.

My dog ​​had sprained one front paw, which meant that he had to change the dressing every other week for 6 weeks. He took it all in stride in the end, and is now fully restored


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