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Strange meat flavor


My family and I have for some time wondered why chickenfilé has started to taste like pork. I have been in contact with Gold Bird and also received compensation, but what good is that? I talked to consumer officer there yesterday, but they know nothing, as usual. But it was of some interest when she said that their chickens never get hormones in the food and never GMO feed. I asked then if they do not eat corn or soy? They do, of course, as the main source of protein, but the feed supplier says there are no GMOs in their food. Very strange because almost all soy grown commercially these days is GMO that includes corn production of course. Moreover, it becomes the usual soy and corn contaminated with GMOs so there may soon be little origin left.

But pork flavor could possibly come from eventually painkillers or some new kind of medicine. The chickens grow up almost double for nowadays, which means that the bones can not handle the increased muscle mass so for the chickens to be able to stand up it requires strong medications. It is a terrible industry, hence we almost never eat chicken. When it also tastes so bad it’s even easier to give up ..


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