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Biogas, why?


Why should we invest in biogas when society should instead develop Nikola Tesla’s invention. There was a car factory already in the beginning of the 1900’s that made ​​an engine with an energy that never can run out, it was called scalarenergy. He also invented the radio and probably the lightbulb but it was Edison that was given credit for it.

Tesla’s invention worked so well that the entire production was purchased by JP Morgan and Ford and was shut down. He finally ended his days penniless and alone.

But it’s interesting with these new biogas plants, what they need to produce large quantities of gas. I was at a job-interview year ago as a cook at an independent nursery school in Eskilstuna. They had a very nice business, including cultivated their own vegetables and had always compost all food waste and was thus given very good topsoil. But now, they did not get to compost anything anymore, all leftovers were needed for the new biogas plant??

Is this how it is suppose to be, that it does nothing to overproduce food because it still needed to go to biogas. Much like with the ethanol grown on a very destructive and unsustainable way to run our so-called green cars. When should someone dare to speak up about it? At least the word GREEN car could be removed, because there’s really no GREEN cars.


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