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Hen or hubot?


Here in Sweden is something really horrible going on. I is a campaign going on so we don´t have to use “she” or “he” when we talk about people, we should use the new word HEN instead.

We use the word “höna” (hen) when we talk about the mother hen. So many people don´t think about the mother hen when they use the word HEN. For me is hen the chickens mother/the mother hen and will not be anything else.

The word HEN is described in ancient writings including the Talmud. The implication is that the word should be introduced over a period of time  so it feels quite natural to all people. It should start in a society that is easy to control, and when it is fully implemented, people have lost the right over their own body and soul. Then we have all been “hubots” (human/robot).

This is a very serious threat to creep in and it starts obviously at preschool. They use it all the time so all the parents and kids think it feels quite natural. We also have a very stupid word for children that fits perfectly with HEN, it is the word; “barn”. We have the word “barn” in swedish for “children”, how could it be so? The meaning seems to be only in Sweden.


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