A new one billion dollar research on DNA and the brain

To write DN `s Karin Bojs: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/vetenskap/usa-storsatsar-pa-sina-hjarnor  Last week was U.S. President Barack Obama’s big speech to the nation. There, he mentioned a huge new investment in brain research – on a par with expeditions to the moon in the 1960s, and the mapping of the human genome in the 1990s.  Obama’s announcement comes just weeks […]

Now it is close

Axfood is launching yet another new Technology Idea close up to the the last, with mobile payment. This time the idea is to tie up all the customers who want to take part of the stores’ extraordinary prices, as everyone probably wants. According to the store, it is easier to relax his usual debit card […]

Great success with natural weed control

A technique that counteracts the harmful insects and weeds has been developed by researchers in Kenya. The method is called push-pull and use odors to control insects and weeds where you want them. It is based on the use of plants whose scents scare off pests. Another plant is planted in the outskirts of cultures […]

Genetic roulette

Now groves begin in earnest in Sweden. Here in Sweden are seed potatoes already grown as starch potato Amflora. It is a potato variety that contains a high content of starch used in the industry to include surface treatment of paper. But there are remnants over, that will go to animal feed, but apparently not […]

Very strange research??

The text below is taken from DN, science. I got a weird feeling when I read the whole thing. Fearlessness therefore classified as a disease to treat, so the person can get a “normal” life and avoid potential hazards. So it seems that someone / some want to pay this research therefore concluded that it […]

Peak oil, is it?

What is it about peak oil and how is it formed in the ground? Is it likely that all oil comes from dead dinosaurs that have become fossils? Many people begin to realize that we are greatly deceived by the state, when we are told that oil runs out and we have to raise prices […]


Finally, stevia is allowed in food! That was just about what I thought, when EU allowed steviolglykosiden with E number 960th. The actual plant Stevia is still prohibited as food. The reason of the NFA is that there is evidence that it is completely safe for human consumption. But aspartame and azo colors go well […]

Is the sun dying?

Obtaining accurate and relevant information from the authorities who should give us the truth, it’ll never happen. So the question is who in the world we can trust? I have just read and listened to Eric Dollard who worked successful in rediscovering Tesla’s core business, but he now lives in the desert. He is a […]

The Assassination of Olof Palme

Ole Dammegard has written an incredible, exciting and interesting book about the assassination of Olof Palme. It shows how Sweden has looked like before and how it is controlled today. The book contains both national and international events and details that led up to the murder. There is much about the Bofors deal, freemasonic and […]


“Fracking” and again in Sweden

“Fracking” and again in Sweden

There is a frightening development in mineral extraction in Sweden and in other countries, and shale gas is one of the new products. Shale gas is extracted through a method known as “fracking” This is a description of how it works:  1 Natural gas is bound in layers of dark slate. To get it up to the surface […]


European one billion investment in new antibiotics

European one billion investment in new antibiotics

EU wants to invest BILLIONS of developing new antibacterial drugs now. Once again, this enormous waste of OUR money. The reason now for this bet, is that there have been major problems with resistant bacteria that survive antibiotics. But instead of further research in that area, they could instead adopt the use of colloidal silver. […]


Dr. Rauni Leena

Dr. Rauni Leena

Here is one of the better interviews with Dr Rauni Leena. She is an incredibly strong woman who really managed to bring out the truth about our society. I recommend everyone to listen to her interviews.